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Dibazar Company as one of the numerated and distinguished companies in the field of laminate flooring and other wood products importation was founded in 2005 by Ghader Bonyadi and after accurate and exact investigation of the customers' needs in the field of interior decoration and designing,we are obliged to meet such needs, establishing our outline policies based on the following criteria and we see ourselves obliged to fulfill such obligations:

-Promotion of the customers' satisfaction through giving priority to all aspects of quality in all fields of after sale services
-Managing the customers' needs with the aim of quick and effective response to their demands
-Supplying famous factories and producers' brands and products which are committed to international standards

High quality,product diversity and beauty are among the rules considered in choosing the products supplied by the company and this is the same honor of the industrial group,which has been able to meet main needs of interior decoration designers and needs of the colleagues who are active in construction industry.

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